Pink Miltonia Orchids Closeup Small

Pink Miltonia Orchids Small

It was a dreary day today–cloudy, cool, and drizzly–not the best day to be outside but a perfect day to stay inside and paint. The soft lighting allowed me to sit by the kitchen windows and paint for hours without interruption from the late afternoon sun. These pink miltonia orchids were a pleasure to paint. The variegated leaves were easy to paint and the brightly colored petals really pop against the dark green background.

This painting was based on a tutorial in the book, “Orchids in Watercolor” by Ann Mortimer.

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  1. Hi Jill,
    you paint such beautiful watercolors!
    Two or three years ago I attended to a watercolor course at the Rome botanical city garden, it was a unique experience: they teached how to depict botanical illustrations, such as these you may find in ancient books.
    I learned there how to use watercolors and then went on by myself.
    You have a wonderful choose of backgrounds, it is very important, in my opinion, for a painting 🙂
    If you wish to know new artists, I add the links of my teachers, they are great artists as well, and dedicate to botanical watercolor painting:

    Aurora Tazza

    Maria Rita Stirpe

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