Month: August 2023

Handy Tools for Artists

Good task lighting is essential for art studios. I use task lights when I paint on rainy days or for evening work. Currently, I use Ottlite Slimline task lights. These lights are compact and adjustable, they fold for easy storage, they cast a pure white light on paintings, and they eliminate shadows so I can paint late into the night.

Ottlite Slimline Task Light

Watercolor boards are another handy tool to have on hand. I use a Guerilla Painter board to stretch watercolor paper and keep it flat while I paint. This prevents the paper from forming ripples when using painting techniques that require a lot of water.

Guerrilla Watercolor Board

This One’s for Frodo

Our little pal, Frodo, hasn’t paid us a visit in two weeks. I’ve grown so accustomed to his daily deck visits that I’m really starting to miss him. So this one is for Frodo, our little princely frog friend, wherever he is.

This painting is based on a tutorial from “How to Draw and Paint Fairyland,” by Linda Ravenscoft.

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