Purple Christmas wreath for my front door

You’ve all seen my purple front door, right? The one I painted for my purple summer front porch makeover? Well, what do you do with  a purple front door when Christmas rolls around and all the holiday finery is typically red and green? Paint it? Nah. Embrace it!

This is what I’ll be hanging on my purple front door over the Christmas holiday–it was a special order from TwoInspireYou’s shop at etsy.com. Isn’t it gorgeous and totally unique? Now all I need to do is find some silver sequined pillows to adorn my purple chairs and add some gem tone rugs on the porch and I’ll be sporting a totally unique holiday look. What do you think about this look? Fabulous or too unconventional?

Here’s another pic:

Purple Christmas wreath

8 Comments on A Purple Christmas Wreath for My Front Door

  1. You’re on the ball! I can’t even think about Christmas until my outdoor planter dies off. Everything is still blooming….we are having a super fall. Purple is a unique Christmas colour for sure but your new planter looks very festive.

    • I know, I’m thinking about my holiday porch a bit too early, but when I was searching for a fall arrangement for my front door on etsy, I thought I’d ask the shop owner (TwoInspireYou) if she could make me a custom arrangement for Xmas as well, and she agreed.

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