Yard work is always more pleasant when you have canine garden helpers. Marty (aka “Piggy” because of his curly pig tail) likes to dig holes, graze on the grass, sit in the phlox, and identify shady spots in the yard. He also likes to inspect my work. Mary, who is a more refined and dignified dog, prefers to oversee the yard work from the comfort of the deck.

Piggy Close Up Small

9 Comments on Canine Gardening Assistants

  1. Aww! I’ve found that canine helpers believe they are helping far more than they are actually helping. But we don’t mind when they are so cute. 🙂

  2. I love your furry helpers. They are beautiful, they look like they love to hang out in the garden, soaking in the sun. They may not physically help you with the work load but knowing they are there with you is comforting. My two love to lay in the sun while I work in the backyard and I love having them there with me.

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