Winter Mice1

I thought it was time to expand my horizons and paint subjects other than flowers and fairies so I gave these cute little winter mice a try. This painting is based on tutorials in Linda Ravenscroft’s book, “How to Draw and Paint Fairyland–A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating the World of Fairies. This comprehensive book not only shows readers how to paint fairies but also their environment and a host of other creatures–like these adorable mice. You don’t have to be a fan of fairies to benefit from the instructions in this book; there’s something for everyone wanting to improve their painting skills.

20 Comments on Winter Mice in Watercolor

  1. Awww they are *so* cute!!!! Every time I look at your watercolours I feel like I want to experiment with it too!! Right now I’m learning to refine my soft pastels and oil pastels..hehe

    • I haven’t used pastels in years. In fact, when I recently pulled my boxes of pastels out of my closet my daughter said, “these look ancient.” And they are. I bought them when I was in high school! One thing at a time…I’m still learning how to use watercolors, and having great fun doing so. Thanks for your comments.

    • Thanks, Beth. Now I need to work on adding texture to my paintings. I was too chicken to suggest fur on the mice beyond the little hint at the base of the male mouse’s tail. Do you have any pointers you could share?

    • Thank you, Gabriel. I’ve been working on using a lighter touch with my brushwork and thinner washes of paint. Some of the velvety quality you’re seeing is the paper I’ve been using. I’ve tried several types of watercolor paper and have settled comfortably with using Aquarelle Arches cold pressed watercolor block.

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