parrot tulips in watercolor

This painting is based on a tutorial from the book, “Tulips in Watercolor,” by Fiona Peart. I’m really loving the intensity of the colors in this painting. I only have two more paintings to go, and then I’ll have worked my way through the entire book. Watercolors on cold pressed Acquarello Artistico paper by Fabriano.

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  1. I think this is one of my favourites. I always stop on this one and just feast the eyes for a while. It’s the colours, the crispness, the calm-yet-brightness – it’s just lovely, and I know I’ll come back to look at it some more.

  2. I have just purchased Tulips in Watercolor and am trying to paint the Pink and White study on page 32. But I find the tracing of this picture does not match the step by step instructions she gives. For example, step 9 where she shows a horizantal leaf on the left does not match the tracing if you are tracing it from left to right. It appears that the step by step instructions are from left to right on the picture. I am right. Did you have the same problem

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