I worked on this painting for several hours today but had to put it aside to go to a dentist’s appointment–I hate it when that happens! For this painting I used a base coat of cadmium lemon on every item except the blue background and vase, then glazed additional colors on top, mixing them directly on the paper instead of on my palette.

My palette consisted of cadmium lemon, cadmium yellow pale, cadmium yellow deep, permanent rose, cobalt turquoise light, winsor blue (green shade), and indigo. My daughter said my palette always ends up looking like a rainbow, and she’s right. Here’s a photo of my palette:

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  1. What a lovely discovery! I just love your bright, clean and crisp watercolors! I’m just starting to dabble myself, and you and your lovely family have encouraged me to try harder 🙂
    Sending wonderful wishes to you from Bedfordshire!

    • Thank you for your kind words. I found watercolors to be a bit more challenging than I had imagined, but I hadn’t picked up a paintbrush in years. So. I had a bit of relearning and catching up to do. But I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the journey. The intensity of the colors is what attracted me to watercolors. Thank you for following my blog.

      • Hi Anne. There are two horizontal leaves on that painting–one on the left and one on the right. The instructions are given from left to right, so step 9 is referring to the leaf on the left. Can you take a picture of your painting and email it to me at afternoonartist@gmail.com so I can take a look at it to help me visualize the area in question?

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