Quick and easy spring bedroom makeover

I continued my spring home refresher project this weekend with a quick, easy, and inexpensive makeover of my of daughter’s bedroom. Her bedroom walls used to be chocolate brown–a color she chose. I’ve never been a fan of neutral colors; I think they lack energy. Plus the brown paint made her room feel small and dark. So for this makeover I chose a light green paint (Hampton Green by Benjamin Moore). It transformed the room from dark and dreary into a fresh and soothing sanctuary. And I accomplished all this in one day with very little money. Here’s another picture.

Quick and easy spring bedroom makeover

I bought the matelasse coverlet, dust ruffle, pillow shams, lamps, and shades at Target. I love shopping at Target. It’s a treasure trove of great design at fabulous prices. Add a gallon or two of paint and you’ve got yourself a quick and inexpensive one-day spring makeover. Here’s a close-up view of the pillow shams. I love the pops of orange and bits of yellow.

Quick and easy spring bedroom makoever

And here are before and after photos. (I always love it when magazines show before and after shots.)

Quick and easy spring bedroom makeover - before and after photos

And here’s a picture of my dog, Mary, helping me work. My dogs have to be at the center of every activity.

My dog, Mary, helping during the photo shoot

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  1. Thanks, Suzanne. Mary is such a wonderful dog and another senior girl at 11 years old. She’s moving a bit slowly these days but still has to be at the center of all household activities.

    • It’s the same color that I used in my living room. It looks more green at night. I found Mary, my german shepherd mix living behind trash cans on New Year’s eve 11 years ago. She was 8 weeks old at the time and it was five degrees outside that day. She growled at first then leapt into my arms and we’ve been inseparable ever since then. She was wearing a collar but had no tags. I think she was a Christmas puppy who was thrown away by New Year’s eve due to stomach problems that were solved by providing her with special food.

  2. Though I felt the chocolate and blue were a beautiful combination, you’re right! The light green colour really did feel like it lightened the room up so much! My dog loves being “in charge” of activities too! More like a supervisor..hehehehe!

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