What a busy Memorial Day. I spent the weekend dealing with a broken air conditioner, painting two bedrooms and bathrooms with the help of my brother Steve, shopping for new kitchen appliances, working in my garden, and hosting an impromptu family watercolor fest. What a fun-filled weekend. Here are some pictures of the artists (my mom, sister, niece, and daughter) at work.

Just getting started. Listening to classical music and studying their instruction books.

More painting underway–and surprisingly little chatting.

Grandma’s watercolor set. It used to be mine, but she commandeered it. She’s a very tidy painter; look at that clean palette.

Grandma not participating. I warned her that I’d post this if she pooped out on us.

Everyone got into the act. My faithful German Shepherd, Mary, lying beside me.

My boy, Piggy was there, too.

So was my Yorkie, Steve. Yes, he’s named after my brother.

And Dexter, our Pomeranian/Dachshund mix was there, too.

9 Comments on Memorial Day Family Watercolor Fest

  1. Great capture of our paintfest! What a fun time and what a fun discovery. Didn’t know ALL my girls were so talented! Thanks for another day to cherish!

  2. This is why you were a great teacher….you gave basic instruction and then let us experiment and learn on our own… you encouraged us along the way…you made it fun….you let us critique our own work so that we learned faster. Thank you, Jilly! That was a great day!

    • It was just a whim; I didn’t think everyone would participate. I was thrilled when they said yes. I had the sketches ready for them when they arrived. All they had to do was paint. I hope they’ll join me again.

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