This was such a simple drawing, yet I found these morning glories quite challenging to paint. Challenging = difficult, which usually means it was a learning experience, and that’s a good thing. This painting was based on a drawing lesson from Janet Whittle’s book, “How to Draw Exotic Flowers in Simple Steps.”

20 Comments on Watercolor Morning Glories

  1. Morning Glories make me smile. This painting is just what a I needed this morning. I must try your recipe below as well. You are an artist in the kitchen as well. Yes please rent or see Les Misrables! I think you really will enjoy it.

  2. I feel vindicated… this piece turned out just as gorgeous as predicted. There is just the right amount of spacial separation between the object and the background. My only question is: how do you find time to do art with all the cooking and socializing you do?

    • It’s difficult to squeeze in everything I want to accomplish each day. I had to give up some indulgences to find time to paint, namely watching TV, flipping through magazines, and reading books. I now listen to books on tape while I drive. I still get to enjoy reading but in another form. And I’ve gained lots in return, namely an opportunity to produce fine art again, which I haven’t done in years, and time spent with my mother, daughter, and sister painting–what a treat. As always, thank you for your feedback on my work and your encouragement.

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