My daughter painted these cheerful orange tulips during our joint painting session earlier this evening. How fabulous are they? I love the color scheme and the series of lines and dots drawn in micron pen that she used to shade the flowers and leaves. This painting was based on a photo I found on Paint My Photo.

Here’s a photo of her painting before the addition of the details in micron pen:

She wanted me to ask my readers if the painting was better with or without the micron pen details. I say it’s better with the dots and lines. What say you all?

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  1. Definitely with the dots and adds a something to it :D. Is it okay to ask how old your daughter is? Her hands in the photo (the previous blog post) makes me think she’s really young! And her painting is awesome!! (Unless she’s like me who at 40 years old still have pudgy little hands..hehe)

  2. I agree! Adds great interest to what could have been just ” another pretty painting”. The lines and dots set it apart in it’s uniqueness. Great work!

    • I think the reason it doesn’t look forced is because my daughter wasn’t thrilled with the painting so she added the ink details as an after thought and said, “I’m just playing now,” so she was quite relaxed while inking it. That may be the secret–just let go of the fear of potentially ruining the painting and go for it.

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