Rainforest Fairy

I thought it was time to switch things up and create another fantasy illustration so I painted this rainforest fairy during our Columbus Day weekend family paint fest. This painting was quite time consuming and challenging but I learned a lot and I’m satisfied with the end result. This painting is based on a tutorial from “How to Draw and Paint Fairyland,” by Linda Ravenscoft.

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  1. The colors are sumptuous – almost velvety. Very nice. I’ll bet this was a fun departure for you. I find I get very different senses of satisfaction from continuing to build on themes I’m used to, and branching off in new directions.

    Working a single theme or genre on an extended basis gives the feeling of progression – like you are on a path to mastery. Each new painting seems to build on the last one in a fairly apparent way.

    I often find myself wanting to try something new, and the novelty can be exhilarating. It can lead to new insights as well. Keep going where your imagination takes you, right?

    • Thank you, Gabriel. I found the orange-red shade that I used on the flowers difficult to work with as the pigment would settle on the bottom of my palette and often resulted in little pink specks on my painting. I had to remix it frequently to prevent that from happening. This painting required many layers of washes so it was quite time consuming. And I found the small facial features particularly challenging. My niece is the one who keeps encouraging me to paint fairies. I have to admit I quite enjoy painting them.

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