Winter Owl Theme3

Winter owls nestled in branches.

Winter Owl Theme1

Winter Owl Perched High on a Wall Made of Wood1

Perched high on a wall made of wood.

Winter Owl Perched High on a Wall of Wood2

Winter Owl on a Swing

Swinging from swings. I like the birch trees and snowflakes painted on the rustic window panes.

Mason Jar Chandelier2

A mason jar chandelier flecked with snow and filled with candles and bits of nature.

Mason Jar Chandelier1

Tied with simple twine and hung from the ceiling. How lovely.

Old Books Covered in Snow and Cranberries

Old books covered with snow and cranberries.

Pretty Perfume Bottles

Pretty perfume bottles.

Pretty Ceramic Vases1

Lovely ceramics.

Ceramic Owl1

And even more owls. Lots of fabulous holiday decorating ideas I can recreate in my own home. If you don’t have an Anthropologie store in your area, visit them online at