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Inverting the Palette–Living Room Makeover

Next up on the tour is my living room. For this makeover I switched out the white entertainment center, coffee table, and end tables and replaced them with black pieces in a similar scale. I also replaced the sofa and chairs with more formal pieces. The white sofa brightens up the room and looks fabulous with the black tables. The aqua chairs are recliners, so they make a comfy spot for watching movies, and they look great, too.

Still committed to my previous green color scheme, I covered the lime green walls with a lighter shade of green (Hampton Green by Benjamin Moore Paints). I left the ceiling color as is–Windmill Wings also by Benjamin Moore.

I chose the same sisal rug and drapes I used in the dining room for cohesiveness and added clear glass lamps for an airy feel. For those who are curious about where to purchase items in this room makeover, the entertainment center, tables, sofa, and chairs are from Lay-Z-Boy Furniture Gallery, the sisal rug and glass lamps are from Pottery Barn. The white and black curtains are from Pottery Barn Teen.

Up next on my Inverting the Palette tour is my family room. More on that tomorrow.

Color Changes Everything–Chocolate Brown Bedroom Makeover

The last stop on the tour is my chocolate brown bedroom. To punch up the color scheme in this room I added aqua and white into the mix. It’s an unusual combination of colors, but I’m pleased with the results. The headboard, nightstands, quilt, and curtains are from Pottery Barn. The cute white and aqua lamp, grass bedskirt, and pillows are from Target. The paint color is Clinton Brown by Benjamin Moore Paints.

Color Changes Everything–Pink and Yellow Bedroom Makeover

Up next on the tour is my hot pink and yellow guest room. It’s another fun beach-themed room that reminds me of summers spent at the beach. The wall color is Moonlight by Benjamin Moore paints. The ceiling color is Windmill Wings, also by Benjamin Moore paints. I used a straw beach mat as a headboard (I stapled it directly to the wall with a staple gun) and an outdoor umbrella as a canopy. To hold the canopy in place over the bed, I filled a sap bucket with sand that I brought back from the beach, sprinkled some seashells on top, added artificial tall grass that I bought at Michael’s Craft Store, and some colorful artificial flowers I bought at Pottery Barn. The school of fish is a set of plastic plates from Pier1 Imports that I hung on the wall with plate holders. The plates were $1.00 a piece, so this colorful little school of fish cost me just $5.00.

The beaded curtains, wicker chair, and wrought-iron mirror are from Pier1 Imports. The white wicker nightstand is from Lazy Boy furniture. The sheer curtains are from Target. The cute clip-on flowers on the beaded curtains are from Pottery Barn Kids. The bedspread and bedskirt are from Horchow. The pillows are from Target. The dresser is from Pottery Barn. This little room packs a lot of punch for a little money. I really love this room.

Color Changes Everything–Aqua Master Bedroom Makeover

My love affair with aqua continued into two more rooms in my house–my bedroom and a guest room. And although in the photographs this color looks like the same color I used in the family room, it’s actually a lighter shade of blue (the name escapes me at the moment, and I’m too lazy go to downstairs and look it up). The ceiling color is Windmill Wings from Benjamin Moore paints.

For those who are curious, here’s a rundown of where I purchased various items in the room. The seagrass headboard, wing chair, night stand, and bench at the foot of the bed are from Pottery Barn. The white coverlet and pillows on the wing chair and bed are from Target. The plates are Majolica (more on that later).

That’s my little dog, Piggy, in the last photo. My boy follows me everywhere, so he pops up frequently in my photos.

Tomorrow’s spotlight will be on my aqua guest room, then I’ll move on to another color–I promise. Here are a few pictures of my bedroom.

Color Changes Everything–Aqua Family Room Makeover

I’ve been on an aqua kick for the past several years and I’ve used it liberally throughout my house. It’s such a fresh, restful color, and I can’t get enough of it. I tend to use it in rooms where I like to relax and unwind, like my family room and bedroom.

Here are a few pictures of my family room. The wall color is Forget Me Not by Benjamin Moore Paints. The ceiling color is Windmill Wings, also by Benjamin Moore. The seagrass couch and ottoman are from Pottery Barn. The indoor/outdoor rug is from Ballard Designs. The wicker chairs are from Pier1 Imports. The entertainment center, bookcases, coffee table, and end tables are from JCPenny. The blue and green vases are from Crate and Barrel. The mirror above the fireplace is an old church window that I bought at an antique store and had fitted with mirrors. I liked the old, chipped paint so I left it undisturbed. Come to think of it, that mirror may be the only thing that I haven’t taken a paint brush to. Well, there’s always tomorrow.

Coming up tomorrow on the tour–my aqua bedroom.

Color Changes Everything–Royal Blue Dining Room Makeover

I’m going to start the tour in the dining room because that’s where my inspiration pieces (the four colorful pots I posted about yesterday) took up residence. I’ll show you some photos and then give you a rundown on where I purchased various items and, of course, provide the name of the fabulous paint.

For this decorating project I chose a high-contrast color scheme. I love the combination of highly saturated walls offset with white furniture.

With the exception of the pots on the center of the table, I purchased everything in this room at Pottery Barn (Garrison glass cabinet, dining table, Carolina adult chairs, seagrass placemats, aluminum pots of grass, and dishware). The glass cabinet is filled with a collection of Pottery Barn Colorful Serve pottery. I couldn’t resist the fabulous colors and awesome serving pieces in that collection. I painted the walls Blue Lapis and the ceiling Windmill Wings–both colors by Benjamin Moore Paints.

Coming up next–a lime green living room. Check back tomorrow to continue the tour.

Color Changes Everything–Colorful Home Makeover Idea Starter

It all started with four colorful pots that my mom bought for me at Rehoboth Beach a few years ago. I was so taken by these $2.00 pots, the simplicity of their design, and their vibrant hues that I decided to use them as my inspiration and design a room around them. Did I say one room? No, wait, make that my entire home. Yes, you heard that right, I designed my entire home around these four pots.

Sounds crazy, right? But wait until you see the results. In my “Color Changes Everything” series, I’m going to take you on a tour of my home–room by room–and show you how a little color, or sometimes a lot of color, changes everything. Hang on to your seats, this is going to be a colorful ride.

But first, I’m going to show you the inspiration pieces–$8.00 worth of pottery (the cute grass is from Pottery Barn).

Colorful Bowls

I just love these Colorful Serve bowls from Pottery Barn. I love the bright, primary colors and the simplicity of their design. I love them so much that I’ve given them a starring role in my kitchen. They look particularly beautiful when filled with fresh fruits and vegetables in shades that match the bowls. Do have pieces of pottery that you love that you’ve stashed away in a cabinet or closet? Take them out of their hiding place, put them to use, and give them a starring role in your home.

The Red and White Porch

Here are a few pictures of my porch decked out in red and white. You’ll notice that the natural colored rattan chairs and pink rocker featured on my previous pink porch are bright red in these photos. I painted the chairs because the wind and rain really took a toll on them and they were looking tired. No need to toss them at this point when a few cans of red spray paint freshened them up in minutes. I purchased the red and white pillows at Pottery Barn. I found the adorable enamel tea pots at local antiques shops (more on those later) and the simple white ceramic pitcher at Target.

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