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Inverting the Palette–Living Room Makeover

Next up on the tour is my living room. For this makeover I switched out the white entertainment center, coffee table, and end tables and replaced them with black pieces in a similar scale. I also replaced the sofa and chairs with more formal pieces. The white sofa brightens up the room and looks fabulous with the black tables. The aqua chairs are recliners, so they make a comfy spot for watching movies, and they look great, too.

Still committed to my previous green color scheme, I covered the lime green walls with a lighter shade of green (Hampton Green by Benjamin Moore Paints). I left the ceiling color as is–Windmill Wings also by Benjamin Moore.

I chose the same sisal rug and drapes I used in the dining room for cohesiveness and added clear glass lamps for an airy feel. For those who are curious about where to purchase items in this room makeover, the entertainment center, tables, sofa, and chairs are from Lay-Z-Boy Furniture Gallery, the sisal rug and glass lamps are from Pottery Barn. The white and black curtains are from Pottery Barn Teen.

Up next on my Inverting the Palette tour is my family room. More on that tomorrow.

Coming Up Next–My Inverting the Palette Series

Last week I took you on a tour of my colorful home, which showcased white furniture against highly saturated wall colors. But what if I switched things up a bit? What if I kept the high-contrast color scheme that I love so much but simply inverted the palette? What kind of results would I get? What if I changed the white furniture to black and replaced the highly saturated wall colors with less saturated hues?

Oh, yes, we’re going there, and it’s coming up next in my Inverting the Palette series. Stay tuned, you won’t want to miss this.

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