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New Kitchen Appliances

My old kitchen appliances were barely functional, so I finally replaced them this weekend. I like the look of stainless steel, but not the fingerprints. I’m also considering replacing my porcelain sink with a stainless steel sink, but I’m still undecided. Should I go for it or stick with what I have?

Simple Design is the Best

There’s beauty in simplicity and detail in the lack thereof. Sometimes it’s best not to over think things, or over design them. This plain white pitcher from Target’s new White Dinnerware line and simple colorful bowls from Pottery Barn’s Colorful Serve collection make a delightful display when left to shine on their own. Beautiful pottery doesn’t have to be fancy, or costly.

Colorful Bowls

I just love these Colorful Serve bowls from Pottery Barn. I love the bright, primary colors and the simplicity of their design. I love them so much that I’ve given them a starring role in my kitchen. They look particularly beautiful when filled with fresh fruits and vegetables in shades that match the bowls. Do have pieces of pottery that you love that you’ve stashed away in a cabinet or closet? Take them out of their hiding place, put them to use, and give them a starring role in your home.

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