This pink and blue beach-themed porch was one of my all-time favorite porch projects. My inspiration was the colorful rug from Pottery Barn. It was an indoor rug and it didn’t fare well outside even on my covered porch, but I enjoyed it while I could. I ordered the adorable polka dot pillows from the Pottery Barn Kids catalog. If you’re a color lover like I am, Pottery Barn Teen or Pottery Barn Kids offer colorful accessories often at a lower price than their regular catalog. So the next time you’re shopping for colorful home accessories, don’t overlook the kids department. OK, so now my secret is out.

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    • Just move some old furniture outside, grab a few cans of spray paint, toss some pillows on the chairs, and you’re good to go. I’ll be posting photos of my red porch, blue porch, and burgundy porches tomorrow. And, if I can find the photos, a lime green, red, and black porch. Then there was the red, yellow, and blue porch….

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