My dog, Marty, enjoys a good sniff-fest and rolling in the grass on warm summer days. Mary, who is a more dignified gal, prefers to quietly soak in the the sun and catch warm breezes. They are my constant companions and will happily keep me company as I work or relax in the garden.

I am grateful for quiet days with my canine companions.

15 Comments on Dog Days of Summer

  1. Hooray for posts with dog photos! They look like they have such wonderful personalities. Our guy Wilson doesn’t do well in the summer heat at all. He prefers a cool wooden floor in the shade. But look out when the snow falls! 🙂

  2. Your dogs are gorgeous, love these photos Jill! I love how all pets are so unique with their individual personalities. I love quiet days with my cat (who sometimes thinks he is a dog), they are the best days 🙂

    • Thank you, Caitie. I particularly like the photo of my little guy rolling in the grass. I really does show his personality. My female German Shepherd wouldn’t dream of rolling in the grass and getting herself dirty.

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