This is Dexter watching us paint yesterday. Look at that face–so innocent, sweet, and cute.

Dexter Watching Winter Family Watercolor Fest

But don’t let all this adorableness fool you, behind that face lies a little monster. Dexter and Steve, my Yorkie, apparently didn’t enjoy our family paint fest as much as we humans did because they quickly became bored and started to pester us for attention.

Dexter Enjoying Some Reading Material During Winter Family Watercolor Fest

So I gave Dexter a little reading material to keep him occupied while we painted.

Aftermath of Dexter's Play Winter Family Watercolor Fest

This is the aftermath of his little play session.

Steve Looking Innocent Winter Family Watercolor Fest

Here’s Steve, my Yorkie, perched on the back of the couch so he can watch us paint. Note the innocent look on his face as well.

Look on Steve's Face When Asked About Involvement in Paper Shredding

But check out how his expression changed when I asked him about his involvement in making the mess. Think he’s guilty?

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