I spent the last two days cleaning up my yard and tending to my garden. The Phlox are in bloom and I don’t want anything to detract from the spectacular show. My garden always needs a lot of attention after a long winter of neglect. The puppies, especially the boys, are excellent garden buddies–and always so helpful. They enjoy digging holes, stealing my gloves and small garden tools, soaking up the sun, barking at neighbor’s dogs, and engaging in a game of tag, or two, or three.

I also spent the last two days with a dozen or so cans of spray paint in a multitude of colors. My garden furniture needed some serious sprucing up and I wanted to add touches of pink to play up the color of the Phlox. I ran out of light before I finished painting the furniture, so I’ll have to take additional photos and post them tomorrow. I’m so pleased with the results of my work, and boy am I achy.

In the meantime, here are photos of my boys doing what they do best–frolicking in the Phlox, eating grass, and enjoying a few games of tag.

Steve in the Phlox

Piggy in the Phlox

Dexter enjoying the Mandevilla

Piggy with the Mandevilla

Steve and Piggy enjoying a game of chase

Steve in motion

And the best thing after a hard day’s work (and play) in the garden–besides the dogs being seriously tired for the rest of the night–is the fabulous dinner my mother had waiting for me when I was done working (eggplant Parmesan, a green salad, some rustic bread, and peach iced tea). Love you, mom.

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