The next stop on our Saturday morning shopping outing was the Farmer’s Wife–a small Amish market in Remmington, Virginia. I love living in a rural area where the next town is, oh, about a minute down the road.

This shop offers lots of old-fashioned goodies, farm-fresh dairy products and fruits and vegetables, home-made breads and pies, a variety of interesting canned goods, and unique bulk items.

Mom browsing the aisles.

Fresh butter from local dairy farmers and Amish roll butter.

Fresh tomatoes.

And locally grown corn on the cob.

A peek inside my mom’s shopping basket. Even the shopping baskets are quaint.

A variety of jams and jellies.

Including old-fashioned F-R-O-G jam. I haven’t tried that yet, but I’m sure my curiosity will get the best of me.

And mini peach pies. One of those went into my basket. I should have bought two; boy was that good.

You can also order lunch at the deli counter and enjoy it at one of these brightly colored tables.

Another view of the dining area. Isn’t it delightful?

And when you’re done shopping, they ring you up at the front counter. How charming. The next time you have some grocery shopping to do, why not check out the small mom and pop shops in your area? They sure beat the big box stores and they turn the weekly chore of grocery shopping into delightfully fun outings.