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New Tools

Remember how exciting it was when you got your hands on your first box of 64 count Crayola crayons–the one with the sharpener in the back? The possibilities were endless. Well I’m just as excited about my new set of 150 Prismacolor Premier colored pencils. I’ve been wanting this set forever but at $250.00, the cost was exorbitant. You can purchase this set online at www.dickblick.com for $133.00. That’s nearly half the normal price, so I pounced on it. I see lots of colorful projects in my future.

Look at all the beautiful colors–they’re three layers deep. Wouldn’t it be fun if there was a sharpener in the back? I girl can dream, can’t she?

Work in Progress–Champion Warmblood

Colored pencils on Canson Mi Teintes pastel paper. I wanted to share this amazing colored pencil painting of a champion warmblood that my daughter created because, well, she’s my daughter and I think she’s awesome. The level of detail and realism she’s achieved on the horse’s bridal are truly remarkable; it really looks like leather. You can view more of her work here.

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