The puppies’ palette–primary colors by Winsor Newton. I thought it was best to keep things simple–and to take this project outside–but it didn’t take long for these cheery colors to turn into a muddy mess.

Dexter tried to use a paintbrush but decided that paw painting was a better solution.

So he jumped in with all four feet and got down to work.

He’s a regular Vincent Van Go-Doggie, Go-Doggie!

Little Stevie waiting for his turn to paint.

The long hair on his feet created a canine mop brush and a big mess to clean up. Catching him to wipe his feet proved to be a bit challenging. Yorkies try their hardest to be uncooperative; it’s what they do best.

The completed painting. I actually like the end result and plan on framing this painting and hanging it above their dog beds. Family activities are always more fun when you include every member of the family.