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Colorful Teapots

It all started with a picture in a magazine–a worn-out looking white enamel teapot filled with fresh daisies perched in the center of a kitchen table. I loved the juxtaposition of the antique teapot and the freshness of the daisies. So, I asked my neighbor to join me in a hunt for a similar teapot at a local antiques shop. I wanted to fill it with spring flowers from my front garden. It looked fabulous holding all sorts of flowers. I had an abundance of pink tulips in my yard that spring and decided that they would also look amazing in a pale yellow teapot, so I grabbed my neighbor again and away we went in search of a yellow teapot. That led to a search for a green teapot, a blue teapot, a red teapot, and so on. An obsession was born.

My neighbor and I spent many months searching for teapots in all sizes and colors. And when we’d found antique teapots in every color of the rainbow (except the elusive purple–I never did find one), I refocused my search on patterned teapots.

My collection eventually found a home on my family room bookshelves. I think the best way to display a treasured collection is to showcase all the items together. It packs a much greater visual punch than placing individual pieces or small groupings in multiple areas within a room or home.

Here’s a peek at my teapot collection. I’ve limited the selection in this display to colors that match my family room. But a rainbow display in a monochromatic room would also be amazing.

The Red and White Porch

Here are a few pictures of my porch decked out in red and white. You’ll notice that the natural colored rattan chairs and pink rocker featured on my previous pink porch are bright red in these photos. I painted the chairs because the wind and rain really took a toll on them and they were looking tired. No need to toss them at this point when a few cans of red spray paint freshened them up in minutes. I purchased the red and white pillows at Pottery Barn. I found the adorable enamel tea pots at local antiques shops (more on those later) and the simple white ceramic pitcher at Target.

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